Thursday, 16 October 2014

Falling to Earth

This dream started, when I found myself in a chair in a closed in area, there was another person next to me but I couldn't see them, I couldn't see around me but I knew I was in a closed in, tight area.  Then in front of me there were two 'oriental' looking people, a woman and a man, the woman said "Don't worry, you will be fine, you are safe with us, nothing to worry about". As she was saying all this, she was doing up straps across my chest and lap, in to the chair I was sitting in, the man was overlooking everything she was doing, she then added another set of straps and buckles across the last ones.
The next sequence in my dream was I was looking down and I could hear people talking and then a silence!  as I heard like some music, it sounded like the kind of music you get in a lift or when you are on hold on the telephone, I remember seeing thick plastic below my feet and then the whole bottom of what I was sat upon opened, the floor disappeared from under my feet and chair I was strapped into. Face first, I was hurtling towards the earth, through clouds, and I could see the earth, nothing but greenery, it looked like a rain forest, but miles away yet, it was small, so far away, thousands of feet away. I was petrified I remember screaming, and I was alone, I couldn't hear anything but my breathing in my bed, very fast and deep, I was panicking and at this stage I knew I wasn't fully asleep cause I could hear a neighbour's dog barking outside and I could feel that I was on my side in my bed, but in my dream I was still falling through the sky, strapped into this bloody chair and nothing to stop me or help me, the earth still felt miles away, I could still see it in front of me, I was falling face and body front first, but was also 'falling' sideways in my bed, simultaneously.  There was nothing I could do to stop this fall, I was falling faster and faster and it was as though I was in a vacuum and I was being pulled at a tremendous rate towards the earth face down and sideways through my bed at the same time. All I could hear, still, was my heavy, fast breaths.  I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I knew I was going to die and there was nothing I could do about it.  I could still hear my heavy breathing, feel my heart pounding and I knew I was in two places at once, I knew I was half awake being pressed into the bed, falling through it, as I was falling through the sky.
In the next sequence I was aware of, I was realising that I was getting closer to the earth, the tops of the trees were not as far away and I was still falling face first, strapped into my chair at an alarming rate whilst still falling sideways into my pillow and mattress with what feels like an enormous weight on me, holding me down, but I am rationalising it in my head at the same time thinking It was the feeling of the gravity pull from the fall I was dreaming about.  Then........I suddenly felt I had hit the earth and I was dead, but I only felt this part of the dream in my bed, I could feel my face spreading and my right side of my body was literally liquefying, my body was being obliterated, obviously as I had hit the earth, but it wasn't fast it was slow, and I didn't hit the earth with a thump, I could still feel my heart pounding but my breathing was now very very slow, and I was still aware I was in my bed but my whole body was liquefying spreading across the bed/earth.....even though this experience was terrifying I didn't want to open my eyes, cause I felt comfortable with it, next thing I realised, was the rest of my body was liquefying and I couldn't feel my heart beating anymore, although I was still breathing and it was slow.  I was aware that there was no one around me and I couldn't see anything, just a fogginess and light and then from that, I heard my brother's voice (who in life has died 2012) he said, "Go Back..." there was silence for a few seconds and he said "Vicky" and I was trying to rationalise this in my logical mind, I knew I was in bed but I was still melting into the ground and then I heard it again but more forceful "Vicky.........." he shouted.........."Go Back"!!!! I slowly started to come round and I tried to lift my head off my pillow but I couldn't although I was awake I was unable to move, I knew I was in no danger and I was going over my dream in my head, eventually, I pulled myself out of it and started writing down what I had dream't, weird thing is, all the right side of my body had deep imprints of my mattress sheets pillow etc on my body, like I had been pushed into the bed with force, how much of my dream state was real and what does it all mean? was it one of the prophetic dreams I have had at different times throughout my life? Some of which were...... I dream't of a plane crash in Arizona in the 80's, I dream't of 9/11 weeks before it occurred but the Pentagon crash, although at the time I didn't realise what I was dreaming, I dream't of a black car crashing at speed, the night before Princess Diana was killed, I have had many dreams, but never anything with definitive numbers, or flights etc, nothing I could use, what use is that?
After this dream, I looked at the time, and I had only been asleep for 40mins, probably just long enough to have this dream.........Although I see and hear things whilst awake, I also dream now and again, and I think this was one of those prophetic dreams for the simple reason it has the same traits as the others I have had since a child, the fact that I can't forget it, its been on my mind all day..........normal dreams you forget within minutes of waking from them.............

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  1. Well I don't know what to make of your dream .. Would not know where to start to make any sense of it
    I only had one dream that has stayed with me from being five years old and it is as fresh in my mind now as it was then
    If yours is one of your prophetic dreams then I can't wait to see how it plays out
    Made interesting reading though sis.
    Love T x